John Cannon (NiteOwl Studios Bonsai Pottery)

Biographical Information: Artist, John Cannon of Paducah, KY first introduced to ceramics while attending school at Paducah School of Art and Design in the fall of 2013. Continuing his Fine Arts degree John got accepted as a ceramics major to the University of Southern Illinois. Focusing primarily on bonsai pottery since the spring of 2016 John creates wheel thrown, hand-built and sculptural pieces. Now volunteering as a studio technician at Paducah School of Art and Design John, creates his pottery at the school while operating the kiln yard along with fellow bonsai potter, Randy Davis; firing kilns and experimenting with firing schedules and types. Since working with clay John now travels the continental United States teaching bonsai pottery workshops in which attendees get to produce their very own bonsai pot.

Location: Paducah, KY



Examples of Work

4 thoughts on “John Cannon (NiteOwl Studios Bonsai Pottery)

    • The only way I know to purchase his pottery right now is to contact him directly via Facebook to see what he has available. His work is often up for auction on Facebook bonsai auction pages.

  1. Met John during one of my sculpting classes at the Paducah School of Art. He graciously allowed me to see his studio where he was finishing an incredible bonsai pot complete with a curling dragon wrapping around the exterior.
    John is a consummate artist, highly skilled, devoted to developing his skills while teaching design and throwing techniques. Few successful artists are as humble and approachable as is John who goes out of his way to offer assistance to other aspiring artists. After seeing his work first hand I understand why his pieces are now coveted in the US, Europe and Asia. Nice guys do finish first!

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