Steve Ziebarth

Biographical Information: Steve Ziebarth’s pottery is in class unto itself.  His skills in shaping clay as well as painting and carving work are simply outstanding.  His work speaks for itself.

In 2015, Steven Ziebarth’s work earned second place in the Cascade/Semi-Cascade Style Pot category at the 3rd National Juried Bonsai Pot Exhibition in Washington, D.C.  He also had numerous other works featured in the exhibition.

Location: Cleveland, OH

Website: N/A


Examples of Work


2 thoughts on “Steve Ziebarth

    • Steve’s pots occasionally pop up for sale at various auctions. Considering his talent and relative scarcity of his work on the market, his pots typically sell for a premium. I’ve personally only seen three of his pots listed for sale in the past.

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