Dale Cochoy (Yakimono no Kokoro Bonsai Pottery) (deceased)

Biographical Information: Dale Cochoy began studying bonsai in 1978 and has been constructing handmade, one of a kind bonsai pots for over 15 years.  In 2002 Dale renamed the pottery portion of his bonsai business “Yakimono no Kokoro” (Heart of Fired Things) because he felt it better represented the essence of his craft.

In 2001, Dale earned second place in the “modern category” in the National Bonsai Foundation’s First North American Bonsai Pot Competition.  He also featured a bonsai container in the “From the Hands Of” bonsai pottery display in the 2005 World Bonsai Convention in Washington, D.C.

Location: 13262 Kaufman Avenue NW, Hartville, OH

Website: N/A


Photo Credit: Dale Cochoy

Examples of Work

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