Dan Laxdall

Biographical Information: Dan Laxdall is a mostly self-taught potter living on Puget Sound, just south of Seattle. Dan originally made bonsai pots for his personal use and later began to sell limited quantities to local club members and nurseries. Dan’s pots are all fully vitreous stoneware fired at either cone 6 in an electric kiln (usually glossy glazes) or cone 10 in a gas kiln (usually matte or satin matte finishes). Many of the clays Dan works with contain significant quantities of metals and produce heavily speckled glazes. Many of Dan’s unglazed containers are made from coarse, heavily grogged clays and are given an oxide finish. The majority of his work is done on a potter’s wheel, though some pots are slab built. Mame size containers are sometimes slip cast.

Location: Seattle, WA

Website: N/A


Photo Credit: Josef Addis

Examples of Work

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