Debbie Schwartz

Biographical Information: By profession Debbie is a hand therapist. She treat many patients with a wide variety of hand injuries.  However, her passion centers on her hobby, pottery.  Hence the name”Hand and Heart Ceramics”.  Her studio is in the basement of her house and her kiln and glazing equipment fill up half of the garage.  She works primarily in Cone 6 Electric and has developed a palette of colorful glazes.  Her work is primarily functional stoneware.  She sells at local craft shows during the summer and fall. She loves it when people come up to talk to her about her pottery and my glazes.  She especially loves to hear from repeat customers about how much they love and use what they purchased before.Her husband loves bonsai, and she started to make pottery for his collection, taking round shapes and altering them to oval.  She especially loves the earthy toned glazes that she has developed for bonsai pottery.Her work is available through Chase Roasade and other bonsai studios or  at her website.

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

Website: N/A


Debbie Schwartz

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