Doris Ogg (Keramica Studios)

Biographical Information: Doris Ogg began working many years ago as a painter, but the moment she touched clay her life changed, and Doris is currently creating art using only clay, colored slips, and glazes. Doris taught art and ceramics for about forty years at the public schools, then at the college and university level, and was a Fulbright Hays scholar. Her current focus is on making sculptural pieces, sometimes including stained glass, but she began making bonsai pots about two years ago. Doris acknowledges her bonsai pots are non-traditional in appearance since she uses relief images and textures.  She views them as mini sculptures which satisfies some design need in her artistic expression. Since this was a new venture for Doris, she was ecstatic to have one of my pots selected for the 2015 National Bonsai Exhibition in Washington, D.C. That particular pot, and most of her bonsai designs, have been influenced by vintage Vietnamese and Chinese bonsai pots whose surfaces were covered with intricately carved or painted images. Currently, and in the foreseeable future, Doris plans to continue making bonsai pots to please herself, and she would like to think that sometime, somewhere, a visually inspired bonsai artist will see one of her non-traditional pots and view it as necessary for a cohesive design of plant and pot.

Location: Harrisburg, PA



Doris Ogg

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