Matthew Harhager

Biographical Information: Matthew Harhager went to the University of Akron were he earned a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

During one of many week long backpacking trips Matt noticed several trees that resembled bonsai. Shortly after returning home he bought my first bonsai tree and it soon perished. Matt then decided to obtain some knowledge through books, magazines, and videos before purchasing another bonsai. After several months he got a ficus and managed to keep it alive. Matt then attended several shows and was hooked by the bonsai bug.

After working on bonsai for quit some time Matt found myself admiring the pots and the artistry behind it. He was amazed at all the awesome and amazing techniques and colors of bonsai pots. Matt still is as we all are learning new objectives and techniques to style bonsai and make bonsai pots.

Location: East Canton, OH



Matthew Harhager

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