Max Braverman

Biographical Information: Max Braverman began his pottery career in 1971 whenafter a year’s worth of night classes in wheel thrown pottery, he left the academic world to become a potter in Taos, NM where he founded Ranchos de Taos Pottery.  

After five years in Taos he spent ten years in rural New Jersey, labeling his pots as “Delaware Pottery”.  During this time, he met Chase Rosade and rekindled a long-held interest in bonsai.  Later, Max and his wife moved to a quiet mountain valley north of Seattle, WA where Max focused solely on the production of bonsai containers. The pottery he produced from this period were labeled “Pine Garden Pottery”.

*Biographical information adapted from the Brandywine Bonsai Society website

Location: Seattle, WA

Website: N/A


Examples of Work

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