Nick Lenz

Biographical Information: Perhaps one of the most prolific bonsai practitioners and potters in the United States, Nick Lenz is often loving referred to as a “crazy old hermit” who resides in Massachusetts.  He is known for weird and wild bonsai compositions, often using containers and slabs he constructed himself. Many consider him to be the father of bonsai in the United States – he remains a pioneer in the hobby at the very least.

Nick Lenz capped his kiln several years ago and is no longer producing bonsai pottery.  Examples of his work appear for sale from time to time, but most pieces are tucked away in private collections.  The most sought after pieces are unusual or unconventional (such as pots with carved faces or free-form shapes) as well as painted landscapes.

Location: MA

Website: N/A

Published Work: Bonsai From the Wild: Collecting, Styling, and Caring for Bonsai


Examples of Work

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