Nikki D’Amico

Biographical Information: Nikki D’Amico has been practicing ceramics for 20 years. Her interests span from sculpture to utilitarian work. In 2006 she found her niche in creating unique bonsai pottery and started a small business creating custom pieces for clients throughout the United States and internationally. Nikki’s work strays from the usual bonsai pot but always ties in the importance of traditional bonsai pot design. Her pots have been featured as “Best in Show” at the International Bonsai Convention in Denver Colorado, the American Bonsai Society, the Brandywine Bonsai Society, and the Triangle Bonsai Expo at the JC Roulston Arboretum in Raleigh, NC. For more information please go to: or email her at

Location: Naples, FL



Nikki D’Amico

Examples of Work

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