Ross Adams (Nitju Clayworks)

Biographical Information: To quote Ross, “I am one of those people who, unflatteringly and through no fault of my many great teachers, could be said to have studied one year of bonsai for 30 years.  Then about 17 years ago I met clay and came to think that maybe I had learned enough to make containers that complement trees, which for me is what it’s all about.  I’m still learning bonsai and ceramics.”

All of Ross’ pottery is high fired stoneware, winter-hardy.  He came to appreciate the Eastern aesthetic while working in landscape maintenance and construction in California (not-so-sunny Northern California!).  After 20 years of on-and-off bonsai study and saying “ouch” every time he shelled out for a bonsai pot, Ross decided to learn “mudslinging”.  Having already spent many years in school at Humboldt State and Penn State and having developed a “day job” career, he did not take the Master of Fine Arts route to ceramics but instead spent several years working with and picking the brains of several fine production potters and ceramic artists.

Location: Boalsburg, PA



Examples of Work

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