David George

Biographical Information: A native of the Pacific NW, David George has been interested in bonsai since the early 70’s. He made his first bonsai pots in 1990 while stationed in Hawaii, under the tutelage of Esther Shimazu. Esther is a well-known ceramic sculptor who was working at the local craft center at the time, and who occasionally made “planters” for her mother’s bonsai.

David initially attempted to copy classic Japanese forms, but soon decided to follow a more “American” aesthetic, inspired by Dan Robinson, Nick Lenz, among others. More recently, he has been influenced by potters in England, Germany, and indeed, by many of the ceramic artists listed on this website. Of course, he still greatly admires the beauty and quality of Japanese ceramics.

Mostly self-taught, David’s work is characterized by its diversity: in style, method of production, size, and surface treatments. He claims that he is easily bored and doesn’t like making the same pot twice. Being retired, he can make what he wants when he wants. Indeed, his small gas kiln is only fired once or twice a year. His current fascination is gestural face pots, again a nod to Nick Lenz, and perhaps subconsciously, Zeshin.

Location: Puyallup, WA

Website: N/A


Examples of Work

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