Robert Wallace

Biographical Information: After studying printmaking and painting in his early career,  Robert discovered the art of bonsai at the 1999 Carolina Bonsai Expo.  At this point, he switched from paint to plants and then began to explore pottery, specifically creating containers for his own bonsai.  He has always been interested in the process of making art, and now working in the medium of clay.  He enjoys the seemingly limitless array of possibilities available in the forming, decorating, and firing techniques.  Furthermore, combining ceramic forms with horticultural arts, such as bonsai and flower arranging, has become his passion. 

He received his B.F.A. in Painting and Art Education from  Ohio University in 1999, and recently completed his M.A.Ed. from Western Carolina University focusing on ceramics, bonsai, and their connections to art education.  He currently lives in Mountain Home, NC and teaches middle school art.  He has a growing collection of bonsai.

Location: Mountain Home, NC



Examples of Work

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