Will Talbot

Biographical Information: Like many who love pottery, Will because infatuated with the idea of creating sculpture that could be interacted with, held, and used and loved.  Handmade pottery is not only beautiful, but imbues preciousness into every moment it is used.  In a highly manufactured world, wheel throwing is an ancient technique that is still in practice because of its ability to create functionally practical vessels while still retaining an element of human touch.

Will wood and soda fires all of his work in Kent, CT. It is gruelling 28 hour firing where (in a wood kiln) the kiln is stoked every five minutes until reaching peak temperature (2384 degrees Fahrenheit). The soda kiln is not as intense. At peak temperature, Will walks around the kiln spraying in Sodium Bicarbonate for two and a half hours. Both of these firing methods are considered atmospheric firings and require extra preparation before entering the kiln.

Location: Washington, CT

Website: https://www.bellhillpottery.com


Will Talbot

Examples of Work

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